Corchiano Foundation Natural Monument ONLUS has its origins in the desire of a group of people, who wanted to be able to create new growth in the region, using and increasing the local value of its culture, history, archeaology and tourism.

The Foundation is therefore the instrument for reaching a common goal: committing itself to the Agro Falisco, as a starting point, to place at the service of everyone a valuable understanding, from knowledge, but also something concrete, by raising funds, to develop and create the required objectives.

Among these, is that of attaining collaboration with all the bodies in the area (associations, businesses, etc) to overcome today's restrictions.

The Foundation, at the tourist level, acts as a "Destination Management Organisation" DMO. In practice an organization that manages tourism. At the working level, the activity outlines the identification and participation among all the interested parties within the scope, in this case natural monuments in Corchiano, creating a strong group for the promotion, full appreciation and development of the area.

Desire of a group

The Agro Falisco

Destination Management Organization