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The Foundation has as its objective that of becoming a structure slowly connecting, and at the same time operating, diverse disciplines that, under various headings, have an interest in the area and are tied to the tourist industry.

What inspires the Foundation is the creation of a network, using human resources and new digital tools, benefitting the uniting of different disciplines: agencies, public and private utilities, associations and the community spirit.

The exchange of information and skills, until it is possible to work towards a common goal, determined by a single vision for tourism, with the principal scope of creating well-being for the community.

To achieve the aims, the Foundation will also fundraise:
Fundraising as an investment, liability and social promotion.

Fundraising (FR) is often interpreted as a phenomenon of simple joint liability, donations, motivated by some noble philanthropic cause.

The Foundation believes that this very general idea must change: so becoming a true social phenomenon that gives the community, the centre of an enterprise for the promotion of the inheritance of the culture, natural, historic and social.

In this way it should create a partnership for new initiatives and projects, using for its achievement the "Economic Fund" of the foundation, established by its own citizens.

Connect and work together

Fundraising as an investment

Initiatives and projects